Welcome to Poco a Poco Music, a programme of music classes for young children from walkers to 4 years of age, run by Karen Hayes.

Through the use of movement and instruments, alongside Kodály materials, my classes will enable parents and children to develop a sense of rhythm, pitch and confidence in music-making.

Karen Hayes
Poco a Poco Music

Having completed my studies in Viola at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester and the Royal College of Music, London I decided to pursue a career teaching the violin and viola in and around London, culminating in the position of Head of Strings at Caterham School.


In addition to my teaching, I performed regularly in and around London with various quartets and opera groups. I have also worked with Jon Lord, DJ Rap and RGM and regularly coached the violins for the National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain.

Looking for a new challenge, I then spent the next 6 years teaching the violin and viola abroad, first at the British School in Abu Dhabi and then in Bermuda, working for the Menuhin Foundation as the Team Coordinator. During my time abroad, I formed a string trio in Abu Dhabi and was the viola player for the Menuhin quartet in Bermuda, performing at both local and international events. I also headed back to Bermuda for a

set of concerts and workshops this past February to celebrate Menuhin's centenary!

I moved back to the UK and worked for Croydon Music and Arts until the birth of my first son. Since then I have enjoyed using my musical skill set to develop a love of singing and playing in younger children. It is these experiences which have led me to set up Poco a Poco Music in Marylebone.